Eco hotel la Juanita

This traditional farm with typical architecture of Antioquia colonization, is attended by its owners, which provides the guest with a warm family atmosphere, equipped with beautiful balconies that allow bird watching and mountains of the mountain range, is a unique place to rest and enjoy surrounded by nature and peace.

Birding Birdwatching

We have more than 200 bird species in our area! 

Colombia has approx. 1,950 species of birds; Caldas contains 923 species of birds.

Eco lodge

Natural pool

The pool is completely natural birth of forest water. The use of water for therapeutic purposes, whether thermal, mechanical (exerting pressure) or chemical. It is a form of physiotherapy and serves for the treatment of various diseases, injuries and disorders.

Cold water: stimulates the circulatory system and increases the heart rate. It is also used as a muscle toning agent, as an anti-inflammatory and as a complementary treatment in certain psychiatric disorders.

Eco Spa

A spa day generates total relaxation, it is an integral therapy of health and beauty that renews your body and spirit. It is the combination between body relaxation, cleansing and moisturizing the skin, facial rejuvenation and hydrotherapy, in an atmosphere of harmony and peace accompanied by aroma-therapy and music therapy.