A spa day generates total relaxation, it is an integral health therapy that renews your body and spirit. It is the combination between body relaxation, cleansing and moisturizing the skin, facial rejuvenation and hydrotherapy, in an atmosphere of harmony and peace accompanied by aromatherapy and music therapy. A spa day, it is the gift you deserve. Obséquiatelo !, It is also ideal to give it to the people you love the most giving them a great experience and an innovative detail.

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Relaxing massage
acts on the muscular, circulatory and energetic systems to rebalance and regulate the organism.
– Releases accumulated tensions
– Calm back pains
– Promotes blood circulation
– Helps to relax mind and body
– Encourages deep rest
– Reduces stress
– It enhances sleep quality

Per person: $ 70,000 COP
Per couple: $ 120,000 COP

TUI NA Massage
It means “Press and Push”. Using only the hands, combining maneuvers of punctual digits, tractions and manipulations, it is about establishing a flow of blood and Ki (“vital flow of energy”) more balanced to help restore health.
– Relaxes the body and can reduce muscle aches
– Increases blood circulation
– Rectifies the abnormal structure between bones and soft tissues

Per person: $ 70,000 COP
Per couple: $ 120,000 COP

 Metamorphic massage

It is based on the work of specific areas of the body that have influence with the mental and emotional aspects of the individual.
– Releases and relieves stress, mental and emotional tension.
– Balances the nervous system. – Induces physical relaxation.
– It is very helpful in cases of depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia and those who need to establish their emotional balance.

Per person: $ 70,000 COP
Per couple: $ 120,000 COP

Turkish bath

The steam bath, for its toning and relaxing properties, is one of the best therapies to combat the stress and tension to which we are subjected daily; It is also a pleasant way to improve the physical appearance and a source of well-being.

The dilatation of the pores produced by heat facilitates the penetration of steam and allows the epidermis to eliminate impurities, while giving it luminosity, elasticity and softness

Recommended for all ages, it is an excellent regulator of pressure and an indispensable therapeutic and preventive tool for respiratory tract conditions.

10 people – 45 minutes: $ 40,000 COP